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Summer holiday sentiment and consumption index number issued travel is expected to more than 1 billion

Date: 2019-07-27

Tourism is more and more become a part of the necessity and way of life, especially in the summer.July since entering the summer, tourists and spending continues to grow, according to the forecast, July, August, two months in summer, summer travel this year number, more than 1 billion people are expected to outbound passengers will be more than 30 million of the country.China's tourism all love go?The per capita cost?

Released recently, ctrip summer holiday sentiment and consumer price index, tourist arrivals in July rose 39% month-on-month, single travel per capita consumption rose 12% month-on-month.

Shanghai travel the greatest number, Beijing the highest per capita spending

What cities tourists prefer to travel during the summer?According to row, ctrip join the swim team and freedom travel July 20 major tourist cities are Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, chongqing, guangzhou, nanjing, wuhan, xi 'an, tianjin, zhengzhou, hangzhou, shenzhen, changsha, kunming, jinan, hefei, nanchang, guiyang, wuxi and Qingdao.Compared to before the summer, nanjing, xi 'an, zhengzhou, jinan, hefei, nanchang city tourism enthusiasm to rise faster.

What the average consumption of urban residents is tallest?July at home and abroad from the current booking with group tour, free travel single cost per capita, "the top ten cities spending power" followed by Beijing, kunming, Shanghai, shenyang, urumqi, Harbin, nanjing, hangzhou, shenzhen, fuzhou.Beijing, kunming and Shanghai ranked the top three, including from Beijing July travel single cost more than 3887 yuan.

Sanya and Beijingare the most popular domestic destination rallied
July heat significantly more than the same period last year, domestic travel from ctrip platform of tens of thousands of orders for domestic travel, from the application of the most popular destination is Beijing, kunming, zhangjiajie, sanya, lijiang, guilin, guiyang, xi 'an, xiamen and Qingdao.Yanan, Qingdao, rizhao, Shanghai, Beijing,, xi 'an, anshun, guangzhou, dalian and qinhuangdao with group tour destination, become one of the fastest growing domestic growth exceeded 100%.

Look from elite traveller product data, sanya, Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, xiamen, xi 'an, chengdu, chongqing, zhuhai and hangzhou is expected to become the most popular during the period of July free line cities, including cixi, lanzhou, guiyang, qidong, Qingdao, dalian, urumqi, xi 'an, jinan and guilin become domestic free line of the fastest growing city, more than 60% growth.

With group tour Thailand's hottest, Japan won the outbound free outfit

A summer stay outside the most popular destination?According to July ctrip exit with the group tour the number of orders in this year's most popular with tourists with China's top 10 destinations are: Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, the United States, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei.Summer rose fastest ten dark horse destination is Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Russia and Britain.

According to the elite traveller product data, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, the United States, the Philippines and Australia are expected to become the most popular free line destination abroad.Australia, Britain, Italy, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United States, Thailand, France and Japan's popularity than before the summer's fastest-growing, Australia rose nearly 150%.

What are the scenic area popular?Outdoor sports into the hottest topic type

July what scenic area is the most popular with tourists?According to ctrip data play platform in the world, the Shanghai Disney resort, haichang Ocean Park, long lung water park, China dinosaur park, Shanghai happy valley, happy valley Beijing, Qingdao haichang polar Ocean Park, tiger beach Ocean Park, wuxi gen Maya water park beach park and Shanghai become the nation's most popular theme park.

The Palace Museum, the museum of qin shihuang terracotta warriors the world horticultural exposition, Shanghai science and technology museum, 2019 Beijing, China, shaanxi history museum, Shanghai museum of nature, long deer travel leisure expo garden, the Chinese people's revolutionary military museum, Beijing museum of nature and the navy become the most popular exhibitions at the museum exhibition.

Animal and plant a garden sentiment are the top ten Shanghai wildlife park, shenzhen safari park, Beijing zoo, Beijing wildlife park, Shanghai Zoo, qinling wildlife park, dalian forest zoo, chengdu zoo, qinhuangdao wildlife park and xiamen botanical garden landscape.

A summer stay, the tourists like to do?According to ctrip theme travel booking, according to data from July tourists favorite ten topics are outdoor, cross-country drive, growth experience, is the world's global journey depth, hiking, photography, depth, the humanities, diving, polar exploration and saloon car.Popular outdoor sports and drive product booking lead.