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The first domestic examination culture museum in guangzhou

Date: 2015-02-27

Southern daily news (reporter/thunderstorm) on November 14, 15, "the 11th with the imperial imperial civil service examination system to learn international academic seminar" held in guangzhou. During the meeting, the first domestic examination culture museum opening ceremony to be held in guangzhou qiming building, "the research base of south China yanhuang culture research the imperial culture committee" is also successful in the museum.
Former director of the national examination center opening ceremony, the ministry of education for Yang Xue, guangdong Cao Jin, deputy director of administration of cultural heritage, such as speeches, and culture museum for qiming examinations. It is understood that the museum is the first domestic with examination of science and technology, culture as the theme of museum, the construction of guangdong xunfei qiming technology development co., LTD. China pavilion points examination history exhibit and modern technologies and experience zone, using the modern multimedia facilities, the scene simulation experience and interactive experience technology, vivid, systematically showed by the ancient more than 1000 years of cultural development and evolution of course exam. In conventional exhibits contain a large number of books, stone, wood carving, COINS, sand table, shed, shed simulation test, the recruitment of students test products, multimedia display the real test equipment and scene simulation, etc.
During the visit the museum, many experts and scholars said that visitors in among them, can better understand the exam's key role in the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development, and related scientific and technological knowledge gained from experience, enhance people of science and technology in ensuring fair exam in the field of cognition, further arouse the public respect science, advocating innovation, enthusiasm for building a harmonious society.