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Two years later, the way to new port customs clearance

Date: 2014-12-27

S guangdong new channel from the gongbei port of switch off only hundred meters, will greatly shunt through the crowds.
On the 15th anniversary of Macao's return, the reporter learns from macau traffic bureau and other departments of many new good way customs clearance, in addition to the gongbei port, hengqin port and port of cross-border industrial zone will be the new customs clearance time, a new way of new channel has begun this month, and expects to have two years to build, way in the future between us will be more convenient.
To build the pedestrian special roads Light rail and zhuhai city rail connecting macau
"General to queue gongbei switch-off pass at least for an hour, and serpentine queues to endless blocks long, if it is a weekend or holiday, queuing team more spectacular." Miss liu often to and from guangzhou citizens way of customs clearance long queue times feeling is quite deep.
Reporter recently to Macao traffic bureau interview way when both infrastructure projects that will be a new way of new channel, channel to switch off. Macao traffic bureau director of engineering construction development office position Shen Rongzhen introduction, the way the government in gongbei port of switch off from hundred meters, will set up a new passage way as new port.
Passengers must line up for a long time, "the customs at the port and the surrounding traffic facilities has been approaching the bearing capacity limit." Shen Rongzhen said, according to the macau police public security for the number of Macao to switch off the port customs clearance, according to data from 2012 and 2013 the switch-off customs clearance number have been more than 120 million people, more than 350000 person-time, average daily traffic and traffic way new channel design is expected to 200000 / day, would greatly shunt switch off the port customs clearance.
In addition to the port of shunt switch off people, the way the new channel through the construction of pedestrian in duck chung river, dedicated short connected to zhuhai city rail light rail station the green island, zhuhai and macau will lead to zhuhai city rail traffic, realizes the macau LRT and zhuhai city rail convenient docking.
November has started the new mode is still in research
Shen Rongzhen introduction, the way the new channel project is mainly by the way, both the cooperative project is part of the land in macau, but others were set up some measures to duck chung river. Macau part covers an area of 28000 square meters, main is to use existing development field plot construction such as a complex structure. The complex building construction mainly includes LvJian building, Macao frontier inspection station, at the same time has a way famous quality products exhibition center, budget hotels, government buildings and public housing facilities. The other part is set up in the duck chung river above LvJian building zhuhai frontier defense.
The way new channel construction progress? Macao traffic bureau construction development office DaiZhuRen hui-min Chou is introduced, the construction of the first stage is the original space, including wholesale market, the land vehicle examination center to do first, suspension and redistribution existing functionality and layout. "At present, the first step in the project has started construction in November, the next stage is the construction of a new way channel project, project time limit for a project" is about two years.
At the same time, reporters learned that way after the completion of the new channel will be the new customs clearance mode. Hui-min Chou said: "because this is a cross on both sides of the customs clearance facilities, function and use requirement need to be study, we set up a task force, the two governments will communicate how construction convenient customs clearance mode, then further submitted to the central government for approval. When the model is clear and implement, the mark for the policy is on the basis of the data for the planning and design of concrete."
Other way customs a new policy
1 month 18 Hengqin port customs clearance can be 24 hours
Has been approved by the state council, since December 18, 2014 0, gongbei port, hengqin port, and between the zhuhai-macau cross-border industrial zone port will be the new customs clearance arrangement, gongbei port KaiBiGuan time in advance and delay 1 hour each, hengqin port customs clearance for 24 hours, the zhuhai-macau cross-border industrial zone port from 0 to 7 temporarily open to the public.
Hengqin port to implement 24-hour customs clearance, the applicable objects for passengers and passenger cars, the residents of macau, the mainland workers, students and tourists visit to Australia, and brand of buses are 24-hour customs clearance.
Reporter in an interview with the hengqin new area a few days ago, director of management committee of hengqin new area NiuJing introduction, 24 hours in order to make customs clearance, hengqin aspects are processing your order for 24 hours, LvJian debugging of the equipment has been in full swing, must be in the aspect of hardware, software, ready for 24 hours hengqin port customs, provide good conditions for transit Macao residents and tourists.
Macao public security police department, the director of immigration affairs Zheng Jinhua introduction, Macao has made sufficient preparation for 24-hour customs clearance, including personnel, facilities, such as self-service through channels to add, will be to strengthen the self-help and the relevant port, personnel are ready to allocate to the relevant port.
2 drove across hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge Car parking garage can be again in macau
The hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge under construction across LingDingYang, the Hong Kong special administrative region in the east, west zhuhai of guangdong province and the Macao special administrative region, is for the first time, guangdong province, Hong Kong mega cross-sea traffic engineering construction, is expected to open to traffic in 2016. When completed, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge traffic policy?
"Vehicle by the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge open to come over, most of the car is not can go to Macao, will stop at the basement parking lot." Macau traffic bureau of transportation planning and construction bureau KuangWeiZhuo introduction, the basement parking lot parking number about 4000, there is no set motorcycle parking Spaces and is not allowed because the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge motorcycle traffic. Passengers arrived in parked outside the basement parking lot car, after LvJian building can take the travel of Macao, taxi, etc., at the same time in the future will be equipped with light rail station, through light rail into downtown Macao.
Why not let the vehicle into downtown macau? KuangWeiZhuo said that Macao land area of about 30 square kilometers, with more than 300 kilometers of roads and 130000 the number of vehicles, traffic pressure is very big. Due to macau and Hong Kong, zhuhai and macau bridge closer to the distance, if a large number of vehicles is entered into the downtown macau hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, can cause great pressure to the Macao traffic.
"So is vehicles parked before entering the border measures, into the local Macao in macau city traffic transportation, so that can make hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge work, also won't to Australia