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Guangzhou international food festival The opening tomorrow

Date: 2014-11-27

Two separate assembly field in panyu avenue and sha wan Is expected to meet millions of customers
From traditional food "qinfeng steamed stuffed bun shop" to cross-border electricity provides the global trend of the food, the annual guangzhou international food festival will appeal to the whole city.
The text/guangzhou daily reporter He Daolan correspondent xuan
"Eating in guangzhou" has become a city name card of guangzhou, the guangzhou international food festival is the city's annual event catering culture. Tomorrow to December 7, 2014 guangzhou international food festival will be on the road of guangzhou panyu international food culture plaza, 202 booths, include global cuisine and cultural and artistic performance.
The food festival main venue with a total area of more than 30000 square meters, a total of 202 booths, divided into: establishes the elegant demeanour, the tip of the tongue station, international food group, a food characteristics, Chinese cuisine, special decoration gallery, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan food, letter hand hall, fine ingredients pavilion, a smoke-free barbecue area, such as area, at the same time also set the stage for all kinds of gourmet activity and artistic performances.
The food festival main venue space-unit 13, has brought together the Chinese cuisine, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international cuisine, the tip of the tongue station, guangzhou style, guangzhou special decoration catering shops hand letter such as food catering enterprises exhibitors. The related venue to participate in more than 3000 enterprises, is expected to more than 1 million people crowd to the food festival taste all kinds of food.
Sponsored by the panyu district economic and trade bureau "in 2014, guangzhou (international) food festival at the venue - shawan food festival" will be in the same time in panyu shawan town and li garden xintiandi plaza was held at the same time. Organizers, said li yuen playground shawan town and xintiandi plaza guangzhou shawan food festival at the venue located in both sides, but each has its own characteristics, complementary, to meet the different needs of customers.
Shawan town, panyu at the venue to carry forward the promotion of shawan featuring food, this will start the "shawan ten gold gourmet beauty, shawan ten cate's got talent" selection activities, and set in the event ZhuanGuan show propaganda "shawan top ten gold medal delicacies beautiful spot" and classic shawan snacks, such as: shawan ginger bump milk, wonton noodles, boat porridge, blah, salty pancake, green bean paste, chickee cakes, pantang water chestnut cake, shahe powder, shrimp dumplings, etc.
"Qinfeng steamed stuffed bun" presence "of guangzhou on the tip of the tongue"
I believe you have seen "on the tip of the tongue of China", in order to put the food on the vision materialization, the organizers invited Chinese gourmet Johnson to create "station" with the tip of the tongue area, attracting by country of origin brand of genuine snacks now.
The region by "an all 'tao'", "river lake series" and "south to north steamed roast" of three "island pavilion", a collection of Shanghai nanxiang steamed bun, shanxi noodles, wuhan hot-and-dry noodles, swimming crab Fried rice cakes, duck rolls and other famous local food trademark, through taste Chinese cuisines, introduce the story behind the food, leading the diners feel the tip of the tongue on the taste, culture, life, to taste the tip of the tongue in guangzhou. In addition, the organizers also invited Beijing old "qinfeng steamed stuffed bun" exhibition, the scene made by hand.
Realizing a complete coverage of WIFI micro letter experience hall
Guangzhou international food festival's official website and micro letter platform has full version to upgrade. New version of the micro letter platform mainly is divided into "food festival", "gourmet navigation", "lucky draw" three big plate.
In view of the last car sweepstakes responded enthusiastically, the food festival will continue to use micro letter platform, sweepstakes, the prize is a transmit the gac kei GA3/1.6 DCVVT manual car elite.
During the food festival, the official micro letter platform will also push daily food information, consumer guide, brilliant bright spot, etc. At present, the center hall is realizing a complete coverage of WIFI.
Cross-border electricity centralized purchasing customs check its authenticity
As panyu district electric business platform in the field of cross-border Internet cross-border food trade and an important part of card rush is superior cross-border e-commerce platform (www.passyes.com) will start simultaneously on the opening day service.
The platform is mainly engaged in seafood, milk, cold meat, fruits, snacks and other types of high quality imported food (material), the implementation of the import customs clearance process in cross-border electricity way, can be in the customs inspection department inspection product authenticity.
The tai chi ramen
Optimization of transportation around taste food jewelry
The food festival more than Chinese cooking stunt performers including many renowned and invited the master of guangzhou restaurant, famous stunts at the scene of the food festival opening day and during the food festival, including hundreds of meters a root surface, tai chi sauce noodles, calligraphy and other performances.
Optimization of the surrounding traffic
Organizers adjusted the center hall and sha wan, Chinese cinemas around two breakout bus lines, adding side stream chime-long station to panyu avenue bus short-term food square, and set up the nine parking lot, some 7000 parking Spaces.
Taste the food reward jewelry
"The panyu jewelry" is an important business card to panyu district. The food at the venue will be opened food festival held on the second day in guangzhou panyu jewelry culture festival. Venue, there are about 120 booth, divided into six major areas: exhibition area, inspection area, the stage area, and cultural and historical displays, masterpiece and the high-quality goods area and discuss the area, still have gem testing center.