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With more than twenty thousand warriors war horse

Date: 2014-11-25

Taken yangcheng evening paper on the morning of 23, 2014, guangzhou Toyota guangzhou firing to run a marathon in guangzhou huacheng square, from 40 countries and regions more than twenty thousand contestants in the form of running with beautiful guangzhou pleasant conversation.
After the race, three players from Ethiopia swept man all the top three. Woman all the top three, respectively by a two Kenya and Ethiopia players available. Men's champion scores than last year fell by more than 1 minute, women's champion scores were improved 8 minutes.
Morning at 8 05, 2014 officially open horse. The organizing committee of the first phalanx was specially invite professional player. Followed by the full, half and mini marathon runner phalanx. Contestants spirit, many people dressed up, the - making its debut in some embodiment scholar in ancient China, some dressed as batman. The contestants jubilant, the audience also with warm applause and cheering. Huacheng square laughter and immediately became a sea of joy.
Holding marathon organizing committee introduction, guangzhou has profound significance, both is helpful to improve the international influence and popularity of the city and also promotes the development of the national fitness campaign. Held a marathon is both the transformation and upgrading of the urban development of strategic opportunities, but also to show the world the guangzhou good city image, but also to show the world China, guangdong, guangzhou good achievements in economic and social development platform.
This event to further enhance the level of competition, improve the fifth to the eighth marathon and half marathon first to eighth player bonus, encourage a success. This year started registration lottery platform, open enrolment application, participants need not competing for places. Event logistics also further perfect, every 2.5 km on the runway two mobile toilets, regional total to 610. In addition, the coordination between various quantities, water is more smooth.